Eco & Safe Driving Is What The World Needs.

Imagine a world where people’s hopes and dreams are fulfilled, and everyone lives without any fear.

Where road users are respectful and considerate, and children can play safely and return home at night.

Where companies are judged on their environmental impact and social contribution to society, and not by their profits in the bank.

Hino believes this is the world of safety, happiness and prosperity. This is why we partner with Fleet Owners and their drivers to work towards a more sustainable environment and safer roads for our people.

HINO Promotes EcoSafe Driving.

The need for safe ecological trucks and safer driving skills are increasing every day. Truck drivers require more skills and training to drive safely and more sustainably to protect our world.

The reduction of fuel usage and emission gases reduces the ecological impact on the world and protects our environment. 

HINO Vehicles

HINO vehicles are known for their environmental friendliness and exceptional fuel efficiency.

EcoSafe Driving Training

Developed for HINO truck drivers so they can take full advantage of their work tool.


HINO grants your hard earned award during a specialy hosted award event.