Eco Driving Training

At HINO EcoSafe Driving Certified Training, You’ll Learn:

– All about smarter and more fuel-efficient driving techniques to help you get the most out of modern vehicles and engines.

– Why accelerating slowly, cruising at more moderate speeds, avoiding sudden braking, idling less, and selecting the right routes is better for you and the environment.

– Why EcoSafe Driving is not merely an easy and cost-efficient way to reduce fuel consumption, but is also more respectful to society as a whole.

– To improve fuel efficiency by developing specific driving skills.

– About vehicle maintenance through daily inspections, professional care and how to prevent breakdowns.

– To understand the characteristics of trucks and buses, such as blind spots and inner ring differences.

– To spot dangerous situations and how to deal with them.

Before You Start, Here Are Some EcoSafe Driving Tips:

– Check your tyres regularly and keep at recommended pressure

– Don’t carry unnecessary weight

– Check the position of the load in the vehicle — is it well distributed?

– Keep a safe distance from the car in front as this will help you to plan your driving

– Don’t exceed speed limits

– Accelerate gently

– Brake gently and avoid late braking

– When conditions allow, use the highest gear possible without making the engine struggle; modern vehicles are designed to deliver enough power even when engine revs are quite low

– Turn off your engine if you have to sit around and wait

– Use air conditioning only when you need to

– Plan your route to avoid congestion points

– Try to travel during off-peak times

– Check your fuel consumption regularly to make sure you are getting the most from your vehicle