EcoSafe Certified

Drivers: It’s Time To Be EcoSafe Certified!

HINO vehicles are known for their environmental friendliness and exceptional fuel efficiency.

By applying a few driving techniques, we can increase the fuel efficiency of your Hino vehicle.

Just imagine if all commercial vehicles in a company’s fleet were able to reduce their fuel consumption. 

That would mean a great deal of fuel saved, which in turn would mean less pollution and less cost to you.

And the reduction of fuel usage and emission gases reduces the ecological impact on the world and protects our environment.

We encourage you to take the EcoSafe Driving Training for safety and the environment.

Follow the HINO EcoSafe Certified driving course and become a Role Model and Driver Trainer if your company by taking the lead and driving economically and safely on our roads.

Why Become EcoSafe Certified?

The HINO EcoSafe Driving courses can help you unlock the full potential of your HINO vehicles. These courses were developed so that HINO truck drivers are able to maximize the efficiency of their daily work tool.

Save fuel, save money, and save lives by investing in a well-trained fleet of drivers.

What Will Drivers Learn During Our HINO EcoSafe Driving Courses?

You’ll learn the 4 golden rules of EcoSafe driving:

1. How and what to check on your vehicle prior to driving. (Hint: it includes tyre pressure, cargo position and aerodynamics.)
2. Why it’s important to up-shift as early as you can and use higher gears.
3. How you can anticipate and drive more defensively.
4. Why you should use the engine to brake instead of the pedals.

As part of our Total Support activity, we recommend drivers follow the HINO EcoSafe Driving course. There they will learn how to drive more safely and how to save fuel, which is equal to saving money. By using less fuel, your environmental impact will decrease. That’s a win for all!

Some of you will already have taken part in at least one EcoSafe Driving seminar. We hope that even after one seminar you’ve already noticed an improvement in your daily driving, and that you’re driving more safely and more economically.

Our goal is simple: to reach as many customers as possible through these courses.

Eco & Safe Driving. It’s What The World Needs.

"Someone Somewhere Dies On The Road Every 24 Seconds. "

It’s hard to imagine a world in which people feel safe on the roads when so many — 1.35 million in 2019 — still die in traffic-related accidents each year, and harder still, when you realise that roughly 50 million more users are injured or become disabled as a result of road accidents.

13% of all deaths in low-income countries are a result of road accidents. The road is a dangerous place for children and young people, especially in Africa, as the transport network doesn’t always take them into consideration. And yet children are heavy road users, as are pedestrians, passengers and (motor)cyclists. It’s no wonder that road-related accidents are the leading cause of death amongst those aged 5 to 29 years old.

HINO Promotes EcoSafe Driving

The need for ecological and safe trucks, and safer driving is rising every day.
Truck drivers now require more skills and training than ever before to drive more safely and more sustainably to better protect our world.

Become HINO EcoSafe Certified and learn about a vehicle’s ecological impact and how to drive more safely.

With EcoSafe Driving, We Can All Be Winners!

As part of our Total Support initiative, we recommend Eco Driver training for your drivers as this will result in your company reducing operational costs. Proper driving techniques and habits will contribute to increase road safety, reduce accidents and maintenance costs. This will adversely reduce the impact in the environment.