Hall of Fame (Your Awards)

AWARDS: Responsibility Deserves Recognition.

HINO will reward your efforts at a specially hosted award event. If you are a winner, you’ll receive a special trophy that can be displayed with pride at your company. In this way, all your partners will be able to see how dedicated you and your team are to working for a better and safer world.

Show Off Your HINO EcoSafe Certification

Fitted shirts and caps are distributed to all drivers who complete the program. Once drivers have followed and passed the HINO EcoSafe Driving course, they’ll receive exclusive apparel branded with the HINO EcoSafe CERTIFIED label. This will help you and them promote the fact that your company insists on safety and is dedicated to improving the environment.

Photo Gallery

You’ll find all the photos from our HINO EcoSafe Driving courses here, including a class photo with all the certified drivers. Join us in our quest for safety and more economic driving, and see your team pictured here.

Contact Us

We hold regular HINO EcoSafe Driving courses during the year. If you are a company owner, fleet manager or driver and would like to know more about how you can follow one of our HINO EcoSafe Driving courses, please get in touch.